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Enroll in Our Pre-GCSE Bridging Program Today! Achieve a solid foundation in English, Sciences, and Mathematics, boost your academic performance, and gain the confidence and understanding you need for GCSE excellence.


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Our Pre-GCSE Bridging Program is a unique 12-week course designed to help students catch up on any missed concepts in English, Sciences and Mathematics before undertaking their GCSE / iGCSE studies. The program is tailored to the needs of students who aim to excel in these core subjects, and it provides them with the solid foundation they need to succeed at GCSE.

Program Format:

Our course structure is designed to eliminate learning barriers, offering a mix of video, audio, text, and quizzes to suit all learning styles. With regular reminders, parental involvement, and a focus on individual needs, we create a supportive, distraction-free learning portal. Tailored tracks address educational gaps, and activities are designed to improve focus and understanding, ensuring every student can succeed

Program details:

A solid academic foundation

Improved assessment outcomes

Increased confidence

Understanding of the GCSE curriculum

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    Get to know your instructor

    Carlo Olivier
    1:1 Lessons


    Carlo Olivier


    GCSE & iGCSE

    Carlo Olivier

    Utilizing an extensive background as an educator specialized in Physics instruction for iGCSE students, our dedicated Physics teacher brings a wealth of expertise to propel academic success in the intricacies of physics. With an unwavering commitment to cultivating in-depth physics knowledge and nurturing conceptual understanding, our teacher intricately tailors lessons to elevate students’ proficiency and instill confidence uniquely in the domain of Physics. The teacher’s demonstrated excellence in preparing students for iGCSE examinations in Physics attests to their mastery, and their fervent commitment shines through in creating a dynamic learning environment meticulously crafted for comprehensive mastery of physics concepts. Embark on an engaging and impactful learning journey with our seasoned and devoted Physics teacher.

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      Carlo Olivier
      Utilizing an extensive background as an educator specialized in Physics instruction for iGCSE students…

      Price for our pre-gcse bridging program

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      £ 299

      Program content

      Organise Thoughts & Recognise Patterns

      Enhance understanding and interpretation of the world through structured thinking.

      Planning & Memory Enhancement

      Improve sequencing and cause-effect understanding for clearer cognition.

      Social Cognition & Empathy

      Foster empathy and communication, strengthening family and social bonds.

      Deductive Reasoning & Critical Thinking

      Sharpen reasoning and analytical skills for effective problem-solving.

      Decision-Making & Problem-Solving

      Boost decision-making capabilities through nuanced distinction and conclusion-drawing skills.

      What you will get from this program

      Program details:

      Comprehensive Understanding

      Your child will develop a deep and thorough grasp of subjects, making connections across different concepts and disciplines.

      Proficiency in Subject Matter

      They’ll achieve a high level of skills and expertise in specific subjects, understanding both foundational and complex aspects.

      Application of Knowledge

      The ability to use learned information in practical situations, demonstrating how theoretical concepts apply in real-world scenarios.

      Analytical Skills

      Enhanced capacity to critically assess information, identify patterns, solve problems, and make decisions based on reasoned analysis.

      Why choose us?

      Choosing us means embracing a flexible hybrid learning model, where our unique platform supports a diverse range of educational needs through personalised learning pathways. Our programs, developed in partnership with Boston Education and CIE, offer internationally recognised qualifications. With 24/7 access to our comprehensive resources and detailed progress monitoring, we ensure that each student can learn at their pace while receiving the support they need.

      Our approach empowers guardians to actively participate in their child’s education, offering solutions tailored to each learner’s journey.


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      Answers to your questions

      How do I enroll for online GCSE courses?

      You can enroll for any one of our courses online here https://www.jameshoward.education/

      What subjects can my child study?

      We offer a broad range of core curricular subjects for secondary school students of all ages. You can choose from our range including Sciences and Maths, English, French, Economics and Business Studies, among others.

      Can my child start online courses anytime?

      We run a broad range of courses that run throughout the academic year. Our GCSE Revision Courses begin on Monday 11th March 2024.

      Entry requirements

      There are no course entry requirements, instead each student will complete a baseline assessment as part of their course initiation, which will help map a trajectory to exam success.

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